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Our Closet fights against fast fashion - the clothing industry that produce low quality clothing for an inexpensive price, resulting in underpaid, mistreated garment workers, increased waste which fills landfills.

Our Closet will solve the problem of owning excess clothing, while receiving clothes to spruce up their wardrobe. As a niche social network, users can connect with others with similar fashion sense.

Users can have ease knowing their clothing is sustainable, because while sharing clothing they are increasing the items’ lifetime.


Our Closet is a sustainable clothes sharing network designed to encourage secondhand clothing, share styles, make friends & positivity impact the environment.


Using a Miro Board, I brainstormed four factors of a clothes sharing network:

1. Owning Less Clothes,
2. Social Media
3. Environmental Impact
4. Textile Worker Conditions


People are making an effort to dress sustainably, both for financial and environmental reasons

Niche Social Networks are on the rise, and bring people closer together under a shared common interest

Clothing waste increased as mass production of cheap clothing is discarded

Garment workers worldwide are unpaid and work in harsh environments



Millennial and Gen Z shift in perspective of thrift stores from shameful to trendy.


The global online clothing rental market is expected to grow annually by over 10% for the next four years.


Minimalism increasing in popularity, culturally people want to own less.


Niche social media apps bring people closer together under a shared interest.


Clothing production dries up and pollutes water sources. 85% of all textiles end up in landfills each year.


Forced child labour in Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, etc.


Users of all genders, age and background are encouraged. However, the target audience is women ages 18-40+


User 1 loves clothes. If she could shop everyday, she would, which is why User 1 uses Our Closet, to keep her wardrobe interesting while staying environmentally conscious.User 1 loves to thrift, both online and in person, so her Closet is full of unique items to Share and inspire others.


User 2 has busy life. They work 9-5 and exercise regularly. Our Closet works into User 2's life as they like to wear different clothes to work week by week, yet doesn't have the closet space to own all these clothes.User 2 is always working out and is an expert on fitness attire.




All pages are accessible from either the footer or the home page; the profile is able to be edited from all pages, and will be displayed in the upper right corner.


Style Guide

Off white was chosen as the background, as opposed to a pure white background to help with eye strain and contrast.


After a closer look at information hierarchy, color, and placement, the style elements were applied and iterated to the final prototype, created using Figma.



Moving "My Closet" to its own flow
Adding more items to the footer and removing the hamburger menu
Simplifying the footer by removing text
Adding color and visual element throughout app to break up space
Adding mircointerations


Next, Rating & Review Features will be added to gain trust and view experienced users on Our Closet.

Another feature to be added will be live streams. On these "lives" users can show the items that will be soon listed on their closet, and make arrangements to be shared in an inactive and fun way.

The Our Closet Desktop website and iPad/Tablet app will be implicated.

Continue to listen to user feedback, and iterate on it. Look at page bounce rates, pain points and confusion points.